From the community: “Key Public School Advocacy Groups Endorse Nybo”

“I am honored by these endorsements,” Nybo said. “The children of Illinois are the future of Illinois. Education reform and access to high quality public education have always been top priorities for me.”

“Every child deserves a quality education and the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential, become active citizens, and pursue fulfilling careers,” Nybo continued. “I look forward to working with Stand for Children and Alliance PAC to close the achievement gap, promote education accountability, support our public schools and ensure that we are giving our children the best opportunities that we can.”

Stand for Children noted Nybo’s commitment to improving education for all children and that he places good public policy above political expediency.

“We are impressed with Chris Nybo’s support for public education policies that serve the best interest of children. We’re even more impressed by Nybo’s work ethic and commitment to finding practical solutions to our challenges instead of getting caught up in political rhetoric,” said Mimi Rodman of Stand for Children when announcing the endorsement.

Stand for Children is a grassroots advocacy organization that believes that every child deserves a high quality public education.

The Alliance PAC is the combined effort of school boards, superintendents, principals, and business officials who work to further the cause of school management and support public education.

In their endorsement they stated, “Chris Nybo is the best candidate to work hard for public schools and support the efforts of principals, school boards, superintendents and administrators.” Link to Original Story.

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