Nybo: To Honor Labor Day We Must Grow Jobs and Opportunity

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The Labor Day parades and speeches may be over, but it’s critical that public officials remain committed to growing jobs and expanding opportunities for Illinoisans, says state Senator Chris Nybo (R-Elmhurst).

“Labor Day was a great opportunity to honor working men and women. But, if we really want to help Illinois families we must redouble our efforts to improve the economy, so that employers can create more jobs here in Illinois,” Nybo said, as he laid out priorities for job creation.

“We have received some positive economic news lately, but we must use that as an incentive to aggressively pursue policies that will foster job creation in the state, and not as an excuse to ignore the failed policies that have stifled business growth and investment,” Nybo added.

As an example, Nybo said the state needs to build on workers’ compensation reforms that he supported in the Illinois House in 2011.

Those reforms, contained in HB 1698, helped slow increases in workers’ compensation costs and recently the National Council on Compensation Insurance requested a rate cut in Illinois beginning in 2015.

“I’m pleased that the reforms I supported in 2011 are paying off for employers and workers, but those were just a first step and more needs to be done before Illinois becomes truly competitive with our neighboring states,” Nybo said.

As an example, he said he will sign on as a cosponsor and push for approval of a package of reforms contained in SB 2624.

That legislation, Nybo explained, includes a second round of workers’ compensation reforms that embody a number of recommendations spelled out in a 2012 report to legislative leaders from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

“A key component is a legal concept called ‘causation,’ which simply says that an injury should be caused by the work an employee does,” Nybo explained. “To most people this is common sense. It’s the idea that if you are injured on the job you should be compensated through workers’ compensation, but not if you hurt your shoulder playing softball over the weekend.”

Nybo said he also plans to join other lawmakers in a bi-partisan push to reduce Illinois’ highest-in-the-nation fees for forming a Limited Liability Company. Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are a popular form of business for small and medium-sized firms across the nation, however in Illinois the fee for an LLC is actually significantly greater than fees paid by corporations.

“This is something state government can do to have a big impact on small and mid-sized businesses,” Nybo said. “Bringing Illinois fees down will encourage investment, expansion, and job creation.”

Nybo will also work with manufacturers to develop policies that encourage investment. Manufacturing has traditionally been a source of some of the best paying jobs and the Chicago region remains a top manufacturing sector.

A recent report from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs indicated that manufacturing accounts for about 90 percent of Illinois exports, or $63.2 billion 2012. The same report revealed that manufacturing pumped $6.4 billion in direct wages in the six-county Chicago region.

“While Illinois’ unemployment numbers have dropped in recent months, the general decline in manufacturing employment continues,” Nybo explained. “For years the state has been trading good paying manufacturing jobs for jobs that do not pay as well. We need to create a jobs climate that will allow employers to reverse that trend.”

Nybo, who serves on the Senate Transportation Committee, said transportation infrastructure is also key to job growth in Illinois.

“With modern economies increasingly reliant on global trade, it is important that Illinois remains the transportation hub of the Midwest,” Nybo said. “That $63 billion in exports occurs because of Illinois’ location and transportation infrastructure.” Link to Original Story.

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