"I will work as hard as I can to get our state back on the right track with the right priorities that will allow us to create jobs, restore fiscal health, and become the kind of state that we deserve to be." -Sen. Chris Nybo


Creating Jobs in Illinois

The lack of jobs is the most important problem facing Illinois families and businesses. Creating jobs and stemming the flow of jobs to other states needs to be priority. In order to do so, we must address the growing number of fees imposed on businesses and professionals, roll back regulations that make it increasingly more costly to do business here, while increasing access to capital and giving businesses greater incentives to keep and create jobs in this state. During my tenure, I focused on passing legislation that would assist Illinois businesses in creating and retaining quality opportunities of employment, and I plan to continue to do so in Springfield.


Tax Relief

Illinois businesses and families are currently burdened by excess taxes. I will continue to fight future tax increases, just as I fought the 2011 income tax increase. Not only did I oppose the idea of the tax increase, but I also sponsored measures to repeal it just after I was sworn into office in 2011. I would forcefully oppose and work against any effort to make this “temporary” tax increase permanent. Democratic leaders were not able to solve the State’s fiscal problems with the $26 billion generated by the unnecessary tax increase, and the citizens of Illinois should not continue to be burdened with the consequences of the Democrats’ failed leadership.


Investing in Our Children

Education is a state responsibility in partnership with local government bodies, and our state has not put a fixed focus on a student-centric based approach to its education system. There is no “one size fits all” solution to education in this state. Local solutions that take into account local issues must be a key part of any equation—students, parents, teachers, and the state need to be partners in achieving the best solutions for the students they serve. I support retaining the State Charter School Commission and also welcome any effort to remove the cap on charter schools, especially when considering charter schools have shown success in improving performance and closing the achievement gap that prevents many of our children from going on to college and achieving their true potential. However, I believe charter schools should be held to the same standards as our traditional public schools—if they are not performing, they should be closed. Our state needs to focus on what is best for our students.


Accountable Government

It is time for Illinois to impose reasonable term limits. When I served as a State Representative, I filed a bill to adopt meaningful, but reasonable term limits in Illinois—12 years, or 6 terms for State Representatives and 12 years, or 3 terms for State Senators. This is a sufficient amount of time for people to advocate for the constituents within their districts before stepping aside and allowing for new energy, new ideas, and new people to emerge as public servants. As I go door-to-door throughout the 24th District, this is the one issue for which folks have more frequently expressed their support. We need to get this done, and get rid of Illinois’ infamous "career politicians."

I also believe campaign finance limits are critically needed to clean up the fiscal corruption seen in Illinois government. We need to end “business as usual” in Springfield, where some legislators receive outrageous amounts of campaign money and then “objectively” decide important issues, such as pension reform and utility regulation. When I first ran for State Representative in 2010, I voluntarily agreed and committed to abide by contribution limits before they became law, because I have an ethical commitment to the individuals I hope to continue serving in the next General Assembly.


Chris Nybo

State Senator - Illinois District 24

As your sitting Senator, former State Representative and Elmhurst Alderman, Chris Nybo brings valuable experience and expertise to the legislature.

While in the Illinois House of Representatives from 2011-2013, Nybo successfully led efforts expanding the availability of life-saving allergy medicine for school children (known as the Epi-Pen Law), prohibiting politicians from putting their names and faces on taxpayer funded signs (known as the Blagojevich Billboard Ban) and reforming workers’ compensation so that it’s easier to do business in Illinois.

Born in Elmhurst, Chris is a lifelong resident of the western suburbs. He graduated from Fenwick High School, Dartmouth College (Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude) and University of Chicago Law School. He is an active supporter of the Ray Graham Association for People With Disabilities, the York Senior Center, Elmhurst Youth Baseball, and Immaculate Conception Parish. These are just a few ways in which Chris has dedicated himself to community and public service throughout his life, a commitment for which he was selected as a Harry S. Truman Scholar by the United States Government.

In his legal profession, Chris assists small and large businesses on a variety of employment matters, and he has been honored on the 2011 and 2010 Illinois Rising Stars list featuring outstanding young lawyers in the State of Illinois. He currently lives in Elmhurst with his wife Faye and their three children, Connor (6), Olivia (4) and Allison (1). They are active members of Immaculate Conception Parish.

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